SOS: Saving the Ship of Humanity

(Global Issues, Finance and Economics, RIS CA 2009)

"SOS: Saving the Ship of Humanity"

24:03 - "ponder the silk worm, the silk worm creates silk by creating the silk around itself and this very thing that it makes destroys itself. This in essence is what the human being is doing; the very things that he is making are the things that are destroying him. So we've become like the silk worm."

25:30 - "we're not the only ones here, so even though we're the ones doing all these things, we are harming all these other species that have a right to be here and are here for a purpose."

32:54 - "if you look at all of the conditions that are preoccupying people today, all of them can find extraordinary examples in the Qur'an and in the hadith and in the sayings of our earliest community that really address these issues and give us incredible solutions for these problems and this is clear because Allah (SWT) says in the Qur'an "We have given you this book as a clarification for everything, it in it as a guidance and a mercy to people and the Prophet was sent as a clarification to the people..."

40:53 - "if you look at the extraordinary vision that Islam is giving us in taking care of the particulars the universals become clear; if you look at protecting this earth that we have this sacred trust to protect this earth and not to disrupt this earth, the Qur'an describes the earth as a place of residence for you but also a place where you are set aside to wait for the resurrection. So its a not just a place we reside during our earthly lives but its also a place that contains our earthly remains in order for us to be resurrected os all of the previous people that resided here are still here waiting their resurrection..."

"The current economic crisis that humanity is facing which has led to millions of people loosing their jobs and also untold numbers of financial means and wealth that has disappeared from the market, its left people confused asking what caused it because if you can understand the cause then you can think about how you can solve these problems..."

48:55 - "...islam is a religion the actually centres itself around economics to the degree that we were actually invited to Fance to participate in a conference there and one of the people there who became the minister of finance was actually arguing that the Muslim banks should be brought into France; you have to understand how momentous that is because in france, which is a leisist system its not a secular system; it has leisism which is the seclusion of religion entirely...even just religious financial ideas is insane in France but ask for islamic ideas in France is just Amazing...."

51:45 - "...the prohibition of usury which is so clearly defined and its the last none usurious standing, all the other religion that have this prohibition have given up this standing..."

52:36 - "the rulers of the muslim land should be implimenting the system that they were given because if they implimented it in themselves and then when these things collapse and people say 'the Muslim aren't collapsing' they're going to ask a question 'why arent they collapsing?' "

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