Reviving the 10 Commandments - Honor Thy Parents

(Social, Sacred Law, RIS CA 2010)


2:20 - Islam came as a continuity and a final seal to the faiths that came before, and is a continuity of the message brought by Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ, and culminated in the Prophet Muhammad (salallahu alaihi wasallam).

7:53 - When God says "what your Lord has forbidden for you" its not just saying what has been forbidden for you, but its forbidden by His Lordship and the Lord is the one who nurtures and bring things to their culmination and perfection. So His forbidding such a thing is in order to, by His Mercy, bring you to your culmination and perfection, by His name the Cherisher and Nurturer.

10:35 - I spoke today to Sh Abdullah Bin Bayyah and he gives you all his salaams and wishes this conference all success.

12:32 - If you contemplate the commandment regarding filio piety or a child's concern for his parents, you'll find that a person would have to first neglect his intellect in order to become neglectful of the rights to his parents because of his debt to them.

16:53 - What we are in real need of is to cleanse ourselves of the lesser polytheism the covert polytheism which is to do with having sanctimonious pride and looking at the self as if it was perfect to the point that one is blinded from being objective of his own shortcomings.

17:24 - If you were to look at the worlds problems today, you'll find that they can be summarized in the teachings of the 10 commandments

18:02 - If you want a summation of all the 10 commandments, you'll find it in the first commandment, that you do not ascribe any partner to Him

19:42 - The person who starts a war, the person who occupies a country, a person who belittles human life, whether he does so in the name of jihad or does so in the name of the war against terror, has only put his lesser polytheism first ahead of anything else

20:38 - The second commandment, and to be good to your parents... this particular commandment is tied to the intellect and tied to having a sound emotional state... you as muslim minorities living amongst a non-muslim majority have a huge contribution to make in this society and this place which you are now citizens of, you have a huge contribution to make to this society for its betterment... and it is that you can bring a solution to the problems within the families and the relations between generations...

22:31 - God's commandment to be good to one's parents came straight after the commandment to affirm His unity... it is connected to the affirmation of God's unity... Do you know how to make a connection between being good to one's parents and being sincere in one's worship of God and affirming His unity?... it's hidden in the fact that one of us does not choose his own parents; you choose your friends, you can change one friend for another if he doesn't suit you... but whether your parents were good/ bad, or whether you like them/ don't like them, whether they are harmonious with what you were looking for or not, you had no choice... it was God who determined those two parents for you, in order to test how you would deal with God's will towards you... so part of your submission to God and your servitude to Him is that you are good to those people that God chose to be your parents and to bring you out into this world...

25:30 - It would be unbefitting for you to leave your parents in an old people's home just because whatever short term benefit you had from them was no longer there, . so you think its ok to just disregard them and leave them in an old people's home. as a muslim this would be unbefitting for you in any society

26:30 - My advice to the young muslims is that they go with their colleagues in college and school and volunteer to go and visit the local people's homes in order to bring happiness and gladness to the hearts of the old people living there...

31:40 - Yes, take your children to the best schools, yes give your children the best education; but also inculcate within them the understanding that this is all to be of benefit to others, not just to benefit yourself and to gain prestige and wealth and position in society...

39:18 - Tonight, go back to your Facebook page open it up and just look at it and think "if the Prophet was next to me, what would I have to delete?"

43:08 - It's enough of an evil for a man to despise his brother... it is enough of an evil for a person to look down upon his muslim brother... for one reason, to despise or disparage the created thing is indicative of having no manners towards the Maker; and the entire cosmos which surrounds you was created by God, and He would not be pleased with you despising something of it...

44:35 - Make this supplication something that you make a part of your daily litanies, and it is "Oh God, the One who gives success to the people of goodness to do goodness and helps who them therein, give me success in doing goodness and help me therein."

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