You and I are not qualified for those debates

(Short+Talks, RIS CA 2012)

This guy is amazing. But is it because he is brought up in the west or because he is a Muslim? And is the idea that what splits the community should be denied? Whaaaaat? Surely an issue is an issue and if it is an embaressment to the community surely the community needs to change or deal with it, not sweep it under the carpet? Example: - Disquiet with the FBI means no American should talk about it? And even more so because we are not qualified to judge the FBI?What delusion is this? THAT is the reason YOU can exist and flourish in a non-Islamic society.Because people decided to challenge Christianity,( ie Religion.)
So is this guy's message that great after all? What I do know( I think) is that this man will probably acknowledge what I have written here.
I like him. But I like him because he is open minded. Exactly as Mohammed wants men and women to be. I'm pretty sure about that. Everything is complicated, so everything should be discussed, respectfully.

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